Our work

Our curiosity and deep commitment to our clients drove us to deliver more integrated solutions and create a deeper impact. From finances and strategy to people, process and technology, we delivered solutions that changed the perspectives of our clients. Together, we turned obstacles into opportunities.


Integrated services

One solution for one problem is too limited a perspective in our increasingly complex world. Our teams collaborate to bring unconventional clarity that drives sustainable and scalable success — not a short-term solution that fails in a few months or when the next crisis hits.

Our services include:

  • Data and analytics
  • Cloud solutions
  • Private client services
  • Business valuations
  • Business transitions
  • Digital services
  • Tax
  • Audit and accounting
  • Compliance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Fraud and forensics services
  • Governance and risk
  • Human capital management
  • Investment banking
  • M&A and transactional support
  • Strategy and operations
  • Talent and change
Our work - Integrated ServicesOur work - Integrated Services
Our work - Seeing the whole pictureOur work - Seeing the whole picture

Seeing the whole picture

We understand preserving assets and preparing for the future are imperative business leader concerns. Through Wipfli Financial Advisors, Wipfli Corporate Finance Advisors and Wipfli private client services, we work hand-in-hand across the enterprise to ensure clients’ entire financial pictures are considered and protected. Our integrated, seamless services bridge the gaps between business owners’ financial, business and personal priorities.

Investment banking services

Wipfli Corporate Finance tailors a broad range of investment banking services for companies and capital providers. Clients benefit from the deep experience of our merger and acquisition team leaders, who have more than 100 years of combined experience advising middle-market companies and management teams.

  • Sell-side M&A
  • Buy-side M&A
  • Capital raising
  • Financial advisory

Wealth management services

Wipfli affiliate Wipfli Financial combines comprehensive planning with a tax-efficient, research-driven approach to investing. We’re focused on improving clients’ financial wellbeing and helping them keep more of what they earn for the long term. Wipfli Financial is one of the nation’s largest CPA-firm-based registered investment advisors with more than $5 billion in assets under management.

  • Transition planning
  • Tax and estate coordination
  • Financial planning
  • Investment advisory

Industry specialization

Only by truly understanding our clients can we deliver on our mission of creating a lasting, positive impact. To do that, we not only develop deep relationships but also specialize in providing unique solutions for specific industries.

Industries we focus on:

  • Agribusiness
  • Construction
  • Real estate
  • Dealerships
  • Financial institutions
  • Financial services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Nonprofit
  • Technology
  • Tribal gaming and government
  • Education
  • Wealth and asset management firms
Our work - Our services includeOur work - Our services include

“We don’t just parachute in, plug in a program and then walk away. We work side by side with each client, becoming a part of their team to uncover their unique path to success.”

Brian Blaha, Wipfli growth partner


Educational perspectives

We thrive on keeping abreast of industry trends and impactful new services. In FY22, we shared our perspectives by producing thought leadership, on-demand webinars and ground-breaking, original research. Among our most noted reports were:


State of Community Banking

Wipfli surveyed 177 community banks across 33 states to glean their insights. Results showed that community banks plan to keep their brick-and-mortar branches open while prioritizing digital transformation and employee retention, as well as diversifying their services to customers.

Read report

Top Digital Transformation Mistakes

Knowing digital transformation gains are incremental and issues can arise, Wipfli shared critical advice for companies to help them recognize the biggest mistakes they may make on their digital transformation journey, and how to avoid them.

Read report

Transition Planning in the Construction Industry

Running a successful construction company includes planning for its future, and massive leadership changes are on the horizon. Wipfli surveyed nearly 370 U.S. construction firms to find out how business owners are planning for leadership transitions and company succession.

Read report


Client impact stories

We don’t just solve one solution at a single point in time. Our solutions span teams and departments. Together, we build a foundation for success that delivers results today and in the future.


  • Client Impact Story:


    Achieving enormous success in a brand-new industry.

    1,000+ systems used worldwide

    #1 in the market

  • SharpLogixx had the portable x-ray technology necessary to grow from the veterinary industry into the security industry, but it first needed to make significant hardware and software changes so its product could provide greater flexibility, accuracy and safety for technicians. Acting as the SharpLogixx R&D software department, Wipfli helped make those changes a reality. The team developed rich image-manipulation features, redeveloped the user interface, re-architected support for the new hardware, developed maintenance tools and even created iOS and Android apps for the product. As a result — and within one year of working with Wipfli — SharpLogixx rose from the middle of the pack to number one in the market.

  • “Wipfli behaves with the same entrepreneurial spirit that we do. They jumped in immediately to co-think and co-develop ideas. We realized they were doing more than developing software — they were actively helping us to move our business forward.”

    Robin Pfaff, president and chief operating officer, SharpLogixx

  • “SharpLogixx was originally a tax client of Wipfli’s, but our firm recognized that we could also help them with software development. SharpLogixx made a strategic decision not to hire their own software development team and leverage us instead. The journey from then to now shows how the Wipfli team delivered on really difficult problems and provided smart solutions. These investments helped SharpLogixx leapfrog the competition and become the leader in the market.”

    Gautam Kasturi, senior manager, Wipfli

  • Client Impact Story:

    Jones Sign Company

    Enabling a culture of continuous, real-time analysis.

    400,000 sq ft of manufacturing space across North America

    1 unified view of data

  • A complex and growing organization, Jones Sign wanted an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that could provide a more real-time and unified view of enterprise data. Wipfli facilitated a comprehensive software selection process that captured all of Jones Sign’s needs and enabled leaders to choose the best ERP to meet those needs. Using the new system, Jones Sign gained a truly integrated ERP that works across all core functions of its business. The system eliminated manual data integration — reducing errors and freeing staff time for more value-added work. Most importantly, leadership now has the aggregated data it needs to understand the organization’s overall business position and make timely decisions.

  • “Wipfli took an extremely daunting task and a complicated set of requirements and made the project achievable. Using their approach, we made steady progress, armed with data and clarity. Thanks to Wipfli’s guidance, we found a solution that’s going to fit our current business and future evolution.”

    Brian Hogeland, VP finance and administration, Jones Sign Company

  • “When you need a critical piece of technology, starting the selection process can be daunting. New software is a big investment that comes with big risk. We helped Jones Sign capture their key needs, use concrete data to evaluate vendors, and facilitate tech demos tailored specifically to their company. By us taking them through a proven process, they felt confident in their final decision.”

    Brett Polglaze, senior manager, Wipfli

  • Client Impact Story:

    Stickle Steam Specialties Co.

    Transforming a fifth-generation family business.

    10 outdated, manual processes eliminated

    11 services now provided by Wipfli, up from two initially

  • Antiquated, unsupported and unaligned technology and processes were preventing Chad and Libby Stickle from modernizing their family business. Wipfli updated Stickle Steam’s significantly outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) with a nimbler, more strategic system, as well as advised Stickle Steam with outsourced accounting services — crucially aligning it with the new ERP to gain efficiencies and begin providing real-time, transparent visibility into operations and profitability. Seeing great value in the success of the ERP implementation, Stickle Steam expanded Wipfli’s role to include outsourced controller and CFO services, as well as corporate tax preparation and consultation services. As a result, the business is now able to drive a modern strategy with on-demand data and insights.

  • “Wipfli has helped us scale our business with the infrastructure and accounting team members that we need, when we need them. Their flexibility allows us to use services as required in a very fiscally responsible way. The broad offerings of the firm allow us to pull in additional expertise as topics arise. Our relationship with Wipfli makes resolving issues extremely quick because we’re connecting dots within their organization.”

    Libby Stickle, operations and accounting, Stickle Steam Specialties Co.

  • “We built great trust with Chad and Libby. They went from not having enough support to being able to rely on a team who could answer every question they had. They recognized the value Wipfli was bringing to their business, from our ideas and best practices to our ability to help them prioritize and implement. And they know we’ll continue helping them achieve their goal of staying sustainable and relevant in their industry.”

    Cheryl Carr, senior manager, Wipfli

Honoring excellence

Reflecting our connection to our communities and clients, we are proud to honor inspirational leaders.

Titan 100

We helped recognize 600 innovative industry leaders across the U.S. who are driving economic growth in their cities and shaping the future of business.


Nonprofit innovation

Each year, we honor a nonprofit leader who has used technology and innovative thinking to make a difference in their organization. The year’s winner was Eileen Sperl of Meta House in Milwaukee.


Next: Investing in our people

Associate connections are how we get work done, but it’s also who we are. Wipfli works to make sure each associate feels inspired and valued from day 1. To learn more about our commitment to our associates, continue to our next section on our people.