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Letter from the managing partner

We’re always future focused — and while the pandemic may have accelerated this focus, it didn't catch us off guard. During this year of chaos and change, our firm was solid. We accelerated change for the betterment of our firm’s future, our associates, our community and our clients.

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Curiosity is everything.

Thriving in an accelerated future means seeing around corners and shaping new solutions using holistic strategy. Whether it’s in the face of a pandemic, shifting tax legislation or new digital demands, our associates find the most efficient and effective ways to drive lasting results.

The future accelerated isn’t just about adopting new technology. It’s about changing how we think. What we do. How we turn obstacles into opportunities.

FY21 highlights

Our story of fiscal year 2021 was one of deepening our industry knowledge and expanding our services while investing in our associates and communities.

Our work

Wipfli strategically focused on expanding the industries we serve and solutions we deliver, including growing our expertise in the digital realm.

  • Industries
  • Services
  • Wipfli Digital
  • Client impact stories
  • Knowledge sharing
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Our people

Our people are at the core of everything we do, and in FY21 we enabled them to continue serving clients — while staying safe — during a year of incredible and rapid change.

  • Associate development
  • Wellness
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Our diversity

From scholarships and on-campus programs to community donations and volunteer hours, we showed our commitment in many ways to the communities we live and work in.

  • Business resource groups
  • Community impact
  • Recruiting strategy
  • Supporting change
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Our achievements

We share the firm’s FY21 results, as well as our strategic growth, partnerships and awards.

  • Financial results
  • Client satisfaction
  • Strategic growth
  • Awards
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Our annual report summarizes what we’re most proud of in the past year. To learn more about our work, continue to our next section.