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Letter from the managing partner

The world is continuing to experience immense challenge, change and outright transformation, and in FY22, the people of Wipfli rose to meet those challenges.

Kurt Gresens, managing partner 


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FY22 highlights

In the past year as the world opened up again, we found that our business as usual had undergone a transformation. Not only were we more connected as a culture, but we had deepened connections — both within our firm and with our clients, who needed our consult now more than ever. You’ll find these deepening connections are the underpinnings of our fiscal year 2022 annual report.

Our work

We deepened our connections with clients by offering expanded, integrated solutions to tear down silos blocking sustainable success. 

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Our people

We strengthened our ties to our team by delivering on a renewed commitment to give our associates the experience and culture they deserve.

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Our diversity

We increased our inclusion efforts inside and outside the firm, expanding educational and cultural experiences.

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Our results

We surpassed our goals in FY22 and are proud of our achievements, which reflect the long-term relationships we build with our clients.

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Take a tour through our annual report to find out how we put our words into action. Discover our work, our people, our diversity and our firm’s results.

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