Letter from the managing partner

Trust is one of the most valuable traits we have as individuals and as a professional services firm. Today, it is more important than ever with so many things we expect to trust now in question. At Wipfli, we prioritize the qualities and values that build trust — with our associates, our clients and our communities — while at the same time building our capabilities and our leadership in future-focused services and industries.

Kurt Gresens, managing partner 


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FY23 highlights

The world of FY23 was a diverse, nuanced mix of humanity and history, experience and excellence — all of which provided ever-changing, everyday opportunities. During FY23, we tapped our learned knowledge to focus on those opportunities, bringing foresight to our future and providing growth potential to our clients and firm.

Our work

Clients come to us because we listen and learn and then offer the solutions that make them better at what they do. We grow our business by taking what’s brought to the table and asking, “What does success look like for you?” This drives us in every conversation and enhances the perspective each of us brings to strive for our shared goals.


Our people

Associates stay with us because we take the time to help them be their best selves. Wipfli knows the importance of offering meaningful benefits and puts that perspective into practice by enhancing existing programs and offering innovative new ones.


Our diversity

In FY23, we built on our inclusive environment, encouraging associates to learn about, and participate in, our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. We continue to elevate underrepresented populations and look for new ways to enhance our perspectives.


Our results

Each year gives us the opportunity to mark our success in financial results, client experience and firm growth. Our clients challenge us daily, and we hold ourselves to the high standard they demand of us.


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